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[URGENT] Reschedule of Technical Visit to Tseung Kwan O - Lam Tin Tunnel – Road P2 and Associated Works & Tseung Kwan O Interchange and Associated Works (Contract No. NE/2015/02 & NE/2017/01)
21 December 2019

The captioned technical visit is re-scheduled to 21 Dec 2019 at 9:30am.

Successful applicants will be notified of the details of the Technical Visit seperately.

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Technical Conference: Intelligent & Sustainable Development from Reclamation & Beyond
02 December 2019

Programme Highlight

This is a joint one-day conference with CEDD to discuss the climate changes, technology and design regarding DCM, Urban Planning and its economic benefits and also the smart city and sustainable development.


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A New Website of Civil Division is now launched !
29 May 2019
A New Website of Civil Division is now launched !
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26 March 2019



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 40th Annual General Meeting of the Civil Division will be held on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 at 6:00pm at Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room, the HKIE Headquarters, 9/F Island Beverley, No 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, for the following purposes:


  1. To receive and confirm the Minutes of the 39th AGM.
  2. To receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Division for Session 2018/2019.
  3. To receive and adopt the Financial Statement of the Division for Session 2018/2019.
  4. To elect the Chairman and Ordinary Members of the Division Committee for Session 2019/2020.
  5. To conduct an election to fill the remaining term of the casual vacancy for the post of Council Member (Division).


In case of adjournment of the AGM, members of the Division shall check on the Institution’s website at and the Division’s website at of the revised venue, time and date for the adjourned AGM.


The 40th AGM will be followed by a Technical Seminar presented by Ir Jimmy CHAN Pai Ming JP, Director of Highways, the Government of the HKSAR.


Ir Michael FONG Hok Shing

Honorary Secretary

26 March 2019




Nominations for Division Chairman, Ordinary Members and Council Member (Division)


Division Chairman

The outgoing Division Committee has decided to nominate Ir Thomas LAU Ming Yu for election as the Chairman for Session 2019/2020.


Ordinary Members – under Clause 7.2(c) of the Division Rules

The outgoing Division Committee has decided to opt for the maximum of 14 Ordinary Members, and four Ordinary Members in the Committee shall retire by end of the Session, namely Ir Thomas LAU Ming Yu, Ir Aaron BOK Kwok Ming, Ir Sean CHEONG Chin Pang and Ir Alex LI Chun Fai.


Following the retirement of the above Ordinary Members, there are four vacancies for the Ordinary Members.


The Division Committee has decided to nominate the following four candidates for election as the Ordinary Members for a three-year term: Ir Alex LI Chun Fai, Ir Dr Fiona KWOK Chung Yee, Mr Samson PUNG Chun Nok and Ir Tim LEUNG Man Tim.


Ordinary Member – under Clause 7.2(d) of the Division Rules (i.e. Ordinary Member of the Committee who is of 35 years of age or below)

Ir Kenneth CHEUNG Kwan Wing shall retire by end of the Session.  Following the retirement of Ir Kenneth CHEUNG Kwan Wing, there is one vacancy for the Ordinary Member.  The Division Committee has decided to nominate Miss WANG Shanshan for the Ordinary Member for a three-year term.


Council Member (Division)


Due to the resignation of the incumbent Council Member (Division), Ir Aaron BOK Kwok Ming, the outgoing Division Committee has decided to nominate Ir Ian CHUNG Siu Ping for election as new Council Member (Division) for the remainder of the term left vacant (i.e. Session 2019/2020).


Any two Corporate Members of the Division may nominate in writing any duly qualified persons as Chairman or Ordinary Members of the Committee under Clause 7.2(c) and Clause 7.2(d) of the Division Rules or Council Member (Division).  Original copy of the nomination form signed by those making the nomination, together with the consent in writing of every candidate named therein to accept office, if elected, shall be forwarded to the Secretariat of the Institution, for the attention of the Honorary Secretary of Civil Division, no later than Tuesday, 9 April 2019.  Please mark ‘Civil Division AGM Nomination’ on the envelope.  The nomination forms can be downloaded at the HKIE website:  Enquiries: Ir Michael FONG Hok Shing at 9324 7248 or email:
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香港工程師學會 「工程師好聲音」音樂會
11 December 2017

(香港,2017 年 12 月 9 日) 香港工程師學會 (下稱「學會」) 今天於九龍灣國際展貿中心 “Music Zone@E-Max” 舉辦「工程師好聲音」音樂會。作為學會年度活動之一, 希望藉著是次活動讓參與者在輕鬆愉快的氣氛下互相交流。


開幕典禮由發展局局長黃偉綸先生,JP;立法會議員(工程界功能界別)盧偉國博士、工程師,SBS,MH,JP;香港工程師學會會長陳國璋工程師及香港工程師學會副會 長暨「『工程師好聲音』音樂會」籌備委員會主席源栢樑博士、工程師主持,主禮嘉 賓一同手持音樂會主題及象徵著音樂會的各個元素合照,祝賀活動順利舉行,而音樂 會亦隨即開始。


香港工程師學會會長陳國璋工程師致歡迎辭時表示:「適逢今年是學會的前身『香港工程協會』自 1947 年成立 70 周年,其間協會努力不懈地為香港工程業界及社會的發展奠下穩固的基礎。學會憑藉 70 年以來的努力取得非凡成就,這個重要的里程碑正 展現了我們對提供卓越工程的使命感及持續服務社會的承諾。因此,本年度我們以『傳 承七十載 齊創新領域』作為主題,向大眾展示工程師多年來於不同專業範疇為建設 香港而作出的種種貢獻。」陳會長續說:「今日『工程師好聲音』音樂會是學會首次 舉辦的同類型活動,希望透過工程以外的文娛活動讓工程師展示他們的音樂才華,加 強會員之間的交流,同時推廣工作與家庭生活之間的平衡,促進會員們的身心健康。」


各出席嘉賓及參加者都非常享受是日精彩的舞台表演,而各隊樂隊都充分表現隊員之間的默契、團隊精神及音樂才華。現場更設有特別獎項,包括「最受歡迎大獎」、「最 佳人氣大獎」、「最佳創作大獎」及「最佳造型大獎」,參加者均踴躍投票。活動吸引 了不少會員與其家人朋友及市民大眾進場觀賞,音樂會氣氛熱烈,讓各位共度了一個 愉快的週末。



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