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Virtual Site Visit – Widening of Sai Sha Road (Live Streaming using Zoom)

Date, Time
Date - 14 August 2021 (Saturday), 09:30am –11:30am
Virtual Site Visit – Live streaming using Zoom

Virtual Site Visit Arrangement

In view of the uncertainties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, we had no choice but to postpone a number of site visits which were scheduled earlier in the year.  To maintain our continuous quality learning opportunities to our members and our main theme of ‘Nurturing the Young’ while ensuring safety and wellness of all, we would like to launch an innovative initiative “virtual site visit” for the upcoming site visits.

Through video streaming with LIVE commentary, virtual site visit provides the participants with the ability to view the venue on their computer or mobile device at a safe place.  Instead of simply looking at photos, the participants will be given a full walk-through tour.  It also allows interactive communication between participants and the site host with a live Q&A session. Your usual support and enrolment is highly encouraged.

Programme Highlight

The civil project involves widening of a section of the current road from two lanes to dual two lanes, development of a cycling track, installation of noise barriers, implementation of greening works to compensate for the affected trees, construction of three footbridges and extensive water and sewage utility provisions. Upon completion of the project, Sai Sha Road will be wider with enhanced road safety together with the elimination of flooding risk. The application of innovative technologies will form a key approach on the project and includes the implementation of 4D Building Information Modelling (BIM) for construction of the pumping stations and the exploration of modular construction approaches for E&M works. Drone and 3D land surveying will also be adopted to monitor the site area to maintain instant and reliable project progress records. Engineers will also be able to access tree felling, transplanting and retaining progress using mobile apps on a real-time basis.

This technical visit will be jointly held by CIHT and HKIE Civil Division, and will begin with a brief introduction of the Sai Sha Road Widening Project and followed by a virtual tour with HKIE helper team and Site Project team.  The technical visit will be concluded by a Q&A session hosted by the project team and the HKIE Civil Division site visit reporters. All the presentation, site visit and the Q&A session will be conducted on the webinar platform.

Speakers:        Mr. C.K. Man (Senior Resident Engineer - AECOM)
                      Mr. Michael Wong (Senior Construction Manager – Gammon Construction Limited)

Free of charge

Registration & Enquiries

  • Applicants who have already successfully registered to or participated in more than FIVE (5) visits organised by Civil Division in the session 2020-21 will be given lower priority during the process of registration.
  • Please visit the HKIE Civil Division website for online registration.
  • Applicants are required to provide YOUR COMPANY NAME and YOUR POSITION by email to after registration. Please use the email you provided in the registration.
  • Only successful applicants will be notified on or before the visit.
  • If there are more than 250 members register to this visit from each institution, successful applications will be equally distributed to HKIE members and CIHT members. (Max. 500 participants allowed)

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Apple Pang via email: