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13/WSD/17 - Design, Build and Operate First Stage of Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant

Date, time & venue

15th April 2021 (Thursday), 18:30-20:00, Seminar via Zoom Meeting


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HKIE Civil Division


Programme Highlight

Water Supplies Department (WSD) promulgated the Total Water Management Strategy (the Strategy) in 2008 which mapped out the strategy for sustainable use of water. WSD then completed a review on the Strategy in 2019. Tseung Kwan O Desalination Plant (the Plant) is one of the measures to build resilience in fresh water supply. Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is adopted to remove salts and impurities from seawater. This seminar will present how WSD decided to implement the Plant. First stage of the Plant and its design under Contract No. 13/WSD/17 will also be introduced.






Free of Charge.


  1. Mr. Tang Tai LIN, Senior Engineer of WSD Master of Public Administration, MHKIE(Civil) - Mr. Lin has over 20 years of experience in implementation of a variety of engineering projects, operation and management of waterworks installations and formulation of water supply related policies in Hong Kong
  2. Ir Roger WU, Chief Resident Engineer of Binnies Hong Kong Ltd. - Master of Science (Civil Engineering), MHKIE(Civil and Structural). Mr. Wu has over 27 years of experience in a wide range of waterworks projects from design to construction, including Ma On Shan Water Treatment Works, Tai Po Water Treatment Works Expansion, Water Supply to South East Kowloon Development Stage I and Replacement and Rehabilitation of Water Mains Stage 1 and Stage 3. Since December 2019, he has been leading a team of Resident Site Staff to ensure the timely completion of TKO Desalination Plant while complying with the performance criteria.
  3. Mr. Jose BIDAURRAZAGA, Design Manager of AJC Joint Venture - Master of Engineering (Chemical Engineering). Mr. Bidaurrazaga has 20 years of experience in the desalination industry. He is the Design Manager for TKO desalination plant. Being a Master Technical Leader for desalination in Acciona, He has involved in the design of key desalination plants for Acciona, including Beckton (150MLD brackish water desalination plant taking water from Thames River to supply London; designed for large variations in salinity due to tide influence), Adelaide (300MLD seawater desalination plant, first large-scale plant with ultrafiltration as pretreatment; the plant ensures drinking water availability for Adelaide, Australia, during drought events) and Ras Abu Fontas (164MLD seawater desalination plant; first large-scale RO plant in Qatar; designed for high seawater temperature).
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