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Webinar on Project Application using openBIM Digital platform Augment Reality for DfMA offsite Supervision

Technical Seminar:

Project Application using openBIM Digital platform Augment Reality (AR) for DfMA offsite Supervision (使用 openBIM 施工數字平臺的增強現實 (AR)功能 進行 DfMA 異地監督項目進展的應用分享)

Date, time & venue

12th May 2022 (Thursday), 18:30-20:00, Seminar via Zoom Meeting


Organized by

HKIE Civil Division


Programme Highlight

With the continuous development of the construction industry, many countries and regions are paying more and more attention to digital architecture. Hong Kong has joined the trending concept of smart city, and the Development Bureau has issued new technical guidelines every year to guide the industry in the application of BIM (building information modelling). At the same time, CIC has promoting the implementation and application of modular integrated construction (MIC). Setting up CITF fund, encouraging construction enterprises to learn BIM technology and digital transformation. BIM has become a necessary trend in curtain wall engineering.


How can we develop a Digital Culture in construction: How AR technologies are helping AEC professionals embrace and adopt digital solutions? Especially under the Covid-19 pandemic, the offsite digital supervision for DfMA or MiMEP project. We will demonstrate the openBIM workflow in webinar and present some live project showcase in Hong Kong.

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Mr. Wayne Lin

  • Principal Manager (BIM) of BUCG-CCCL Joint Venture (C3408)
  • Bcom of Actuarial Science, Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Co-Founder of VDC Engineering Limited


Wayne has 15 years’ experience in BIM, VDC & DfMA Design and Engineering. Wayne has been in a principal manager role for the HKAA’s Mega size Project: Third Runway Concourse and Airfield, New Traffic Control Tower. He is also anticipated couple of remarkable BIM projects in Hong Kong. He has proficient in combining the virtual design and construction workflow with dynamic risk assessment methods in large-scale construction projects.


At the same time, Wayne is committed to leading the standardization and innovation of prefabricated buildings, the pre-processing of information technology for acceptance and later operation and maintenance, and the logistics management and risk control of building materials.


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