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[FULL] Webinar on Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Past, Present and Prospective

Technical Seminar

Webinar on Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Past, Present and Prospective

(Co-organized by Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development)


Date, Time & Venue

14 April 2021 (Wed), 18:30-20:00, Online Seminar via Zoom


Programme Highlight

In the construction industry only till industrial revolution opportunities opened up for substantial learning from manufacturing industries for achieving breakthroughs in productivity and quality. Only till the past century human started to substantially build larger with the innovation of materials and methods, higher with the invention of mechanical lifts, farer with the creation of shipping containers, deeper with the development of boring machines, and recently numerous times virtually before on-site physically with the advancement of digital technologies. Nevertheless, the extent has not been great and the pace has not been fast enough until the game-changing Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) approach. MiC transforms fragmented site-based construction of buildings and facilities into integrated value-driven production and assembly of prefinished modules.


This seminar aims to bring clarity and new understanding of modular construction worldwide and MiC development in Hong Kong. The seminar will first review the past of modular construction globally. The many offsite construction, MiC and smart construction terminologies and technologies, being interrelated and sometimes used interchangeably and somehow confused, will be clarified. Ir Professor Wei Pan will examine the present modular construction using multiple case projects selected from high-rise / high-density cities including Hong Kong. The benefits measured and challenges identified will be elaborated. Ir Prof Pan will explore the prospective development of MiC by sharing the latest research and development led by CICID and MiC Lab of HKU.



Free of charge



Ir Professor Wei Pan - Executive Director of Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development (CICID) and Director of MiC Lab of HKU


Ir Prof Pan has practised and published widely on modular, sustainable and smart construction. He is Member of HK Institution of Engineers, Chartered Builder, Chartered Environmentalist, and Fellow of Higher Education Academy. He was named Distinguished Young Investigator of China Frontiers of Engineering by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and awarded in the 2020 Honours List by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR.


Registration & Enquiries

The number of participants is limited to 500 and priority will be given to members of Civil Division. Please complete the on-line registration via zoom at


Successful applicants will be informed by email and provided a designated link to the online meeting. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Sarita CHAN via email: