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Technical Seminar: Future of Stations

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17 March 2021; 6:30-8:00pm; Live Seminar via Zoom


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HKIE Civil Division


Programme Highlight

As mixed-use hubs for people to move, work, shop and meet, stations are a fascinating and fast-changing typology. Today, new transport modes and business models, digital lifestyles, changing retail patterns, and economic, environmental and health concerns are inviting the question of what a station can and should look like in the future. We explored the trends shaping new and existing station assets, with a focus on large inner-city transport interchanges that combine long-distance travel, last mile mobility, and mixed-use commercial offerings, but there are lessons for stations at any scale.


Why and how we use transport is changing. This is the result of global urbanisation, digital lifestyles, and new modes. We explore a future where station boundaries blur – between public and private, physical and digital, the building and the city – and where stations are an enabler for sustainability, well-being and opportunity.


Our challenge is to re-imagine how station space is addressed, accounting for future shifts in how we shop, work and live. Future stations will be key actors within their wider contexts, looking at resilience, economic vitality and social mobility. In this webinar, Yannick Lenormand, Arup’s East Asia Foresight leader, will be presenting his perspective from the region.


Free of Charge.


Yannick Lenormand is Arup’s East Asia Foresight leader and currently based in Hong Kong.

His role is to understand the manifestations of change around us, identify future needs and how these changes are impacting or may impact the future of the built environment, our business, our clients’ business and most and foremost how change is impacting people’s lives. Yannick has a background in industrial design, design thinking and material science. He has been focussing on exploring future trends and innovation for the last 15 years. Prior to joining Arup in 2018, he headed the trends practice at Royal Philips and Gibson Brands in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

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