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Webinar on Reclamation in Hong Kong – Sixty Years of Development in Tseung Kwan O

Technical Seminar:
Reclamation in Hong Kong – Sixty Years of Development in Tseung Kwan O

Date, time & venue

15 February 2023 (Wednesday), 18:30-20:00, Seminar via Zoom Meeting


Organized by

HKIE Civil Division 

Programme Highlight

Demographic changes contribute to the soaring demand of infrastructure and real estates, which further deteriorates the lands shortage problems. In spite of the controversies of prodigal construction, reclamation is undeniably a resolution to the problem. Among the new towns developed, Tseung Kwan O is recognized as one of the most successful youngly populated areas with over 60+ years reclamation history, from shipbreaking harbor to steel fabrication to today’s TKO.  On the other hand, new town planning, including Area 137 and 132, are under progress to address the societal phenomenon. In accompany with emerging construction techniques, reclamation methods are ever-improving by virtue of the tight cooperation between engineers and frontliners. In this talk, Mr. CHENG will demonstrate the reclamation works in perspective of a frontline workmanship practice, which is expected to be inspirational to our young engineers.







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Mr. CHENG is a prestigious construction manager with over 40 years’ apprentice experience in the reclamation sector. He is recognized as a very experienced frontliner as shown in his nomination as the honorable consultants by Macau Society of Civil and Structural Engineers. His contribution to the industry does not limit to his personal success, but also in fostering young talents. Mr. CHENG has been actively speaker in numerous technical seminars to share his myriad experience in a swathe of civil projects, including Tuen Mun Check Lap Kok Link Sub Sea Tunnel, Anderson Road Quarry Development and Fanling Highway Widening.

鄭德森先生是一位極具聲望的建築經理,在填海行業擁有超過 40 年的學徒經驗。他被澳門土木與結構工程師協會提名為榮譽顧問,是一位非常有經驗的前線人員。他對行業的貢獻不僅限於個人的成功,更在於栽培年輕人才。鄭先生曾在眾多技術研討會上積極參與演講,分享他在一系列土木工程項目中的豐富經驗和看法,包括屯門赤鱲角連接路海底隧道、安達臣道石礦場發展及粉嶺公路擴闊工程。


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