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Technical Seminar: Implementation of Recycled Water in Hong Kong (Online Broadcasting)

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2020-06-03; Online broadcast (Successful registrants will receive a link with validity of 14 days to view the seminar playback)

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HKIE Civil Division

Programme Highlight

Water Supplies Department (WSD) launched the Total Water Management Strategy in 2008, which mapped out the strategy for sustainable use of water to ensure water security and support the long-term development of Hong Kong.  WSD has recently reviewed the Strategy and updated Strategy adopted a two-pronged approach with emphasis on containing fresh water demand growth and building resilience in the fresh water supply with diversified water sources.  The supply of recycled water (viz. reclaimed water, treated grey water and harvested rainwater) to replace fresh water for flushing and other non-potable uses is one of the major initiatives to contain the growth of fresh water demand.


The seminar will present WSD’s initiative in developing recycled water for non-potable uses.  It will also introduce the proposed infrastructure for production and supply of reclaimed water to the north-eastern part of the New Territories in phases starting from 2022 and also the first centralized grey water recycling system in the Anderson Road Quarry Site Development which is scheduled for completion in 2023.



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Mr. CHAN Kwok-fai, Raymond, Engineer/Research and Development of WSD.   Mr. CHAN has over 15-year engineering and project management experience.  He is the project officer responsible for overseeing the strategies and initiatives for the supply of recycled water in Hong Kong.


Registration & Enquiries

The seminar will be conducted in English.  Presentation materials will be in English.
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