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Technical Seminar: The Analysis of Construction Delay [FULL]

Date, time & venue

2019-09-18; 18:30pm – 20:00pm 1.5hrs; Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room, HKIE HQ

Organized by

HKIE Civil Division

Programme Highlight

The seminar re the Analysis of Construction Delay will address the following topics with reference to practical worked examples -

Extensions of Time (EOT), Delay and Disruption Claims, Identification of Relevant Events, Concurrent Delay, Importance of Good Record Keeping, Methods and Techniques in the Analysis of Delay, Determination of the Extent of Delay, Identify Causal Links to the Delay, Resource Histograms, Progress and Productivity S-Curves.

In addition, the seminar will provide details of the typical head of claim delay events that are used to support claims for delay and EOT, and details of typical rebuttal replies for which default culpability dilutes the strength of such claims for delay and EOT.

The seminar will also offer sensible advice and strategy as to how to avoid being too confrontational and resolve the issues amicably by the parties engaging in workshops to discuss and look at ways to settle the dispute from a pragmatic view.



Free of Charge.



Mr. Clive Holloway

Mr Holloway is a Senior Director in the Construction Solutions practice of FTI Consulting in Hong Kong.  Mr. Holloway is an accomplished and very experienced construction professional, and has worked for over 40 years in the field of planning, programming and scheduling, in the analysis of delay, and in dealing with time-related contract issues on projects in dispute.

Mr. Holloway is a programme expert / forensic delay analyst; and his assignments have involved him with the analysis of delay and disruption on projects for Contractors, in the preparation of extension of time entitlement claims; and the review, assessment and rebuttal of such EOT delay and EOT claims, as received by Clients, the preparation of defence and counter-claims, and the provision of advice re the best way forward and the assessment of programme risk.

Mr. Holloway has worked on a wide variety of projects across many sectors in various international locations, and can apply his forensic programme delay analytical skills to projects to identify causes of delay and/or disruption, evaluate the impacts and effects, and establish due entitlement.

As a practicing Member of the Academy of Experts, Mr. Holloway has received training as an Expert Witness, and so has been appointed as Programme Expert Witness on numerous occasions, and as such he is fully aware of the role and obligations; so has a full understanding on the need to provide independent advice and/or opinion to the tribunal, relevant to his expertise, appropriate to the case, and within his brief; he has been cross examined and given evidence in Arbitration.

Mr Holloway has acted for Claimants and/or Defendants, producing numerous time-related reports; many are less formal expert advocate reports with respect to the risks, strengths and weaknesses of EOT delay claims for adjudication, mediation, amicable settlement, negotiation, etc.


Registration & Enquiries

The seminar will be conducted in English.  Presentation materials will be in English.

The number of participants is limited to 120 and priority will be given to members of Civil Division and previous registered participants.

Please complete the on-line registration at

Email registration will not be accepted. Only successful applicants will be informed by email.

For enquiries, please contact: Ms Allison LUNG via email:

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