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Half-day Symposium on Recent Advances in Wind Engineering

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This symposium provides a worldwide forum for the exchange of information and discussion of recent developments in wind engineering in areas such as the wind tunnel studies, wind loading and dynamic response of tall buildings, and pedestrian level wind, etc. It aims to bridge the gap between researchers, engineers, architects and town planners to enhance the exchange of ideas. Speakers include world-renowned experts in Wind Engineering. 

Prof Yukio Tamura, professor and director of Wind Engineering Research Centre, Tokyo Polytechnic University and president of the International Association for Wind Engineering; Prof John Holmes, consultant and wind engineering specialist; Prof Ted Stathopoulos, professor of Department of Building, Civil and Envir Engineering, Concordia University, Canada and chief editor of Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics and Prof Edmund Choi, professor of Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong. 

HK$600; HK$500 for members; HK$450 for early bird registration before 15 November 2008

This event is jointly organized with Structural Division and Dept of Building & Construction, City University of Hong Kong.

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