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Debriefing Seminar on Delegation Visit to Malaysia and Singapore

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The Civil Division, Environmental Division and the Association of Engineering Professionals in Society Ltd (AES) organised the delegation visits to Malaysia and Singapore between 20-23 November 2008 and 27-30 May 2009 respectively. 

In the debriefing seminar, Ir K P YIM, Immediate Past Chairman of Environmental Division and Senior Vice Chairman of AES, will give an overview about the engineering and infrastructure development in the ASEAN Region and a series of activities, comprising a high-power conference in Hong Kong and the visit to Guangxi and Vietnam in November, aiming at understanding the competitive strengths of the Hong Kong engineers and their opportunities for providing the professional services to the entrepreneurs in the ASEAN Member Countries, including Guangxi and Yunan Provinces of the PRC. Young engineers of the two delegations will share with us about what they had learnt and experienced during the delegations.

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