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Joint Seminar on Bio-grout and Bio-seal: the Novel Approach to Civil and Ground Engineering

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Programme highlights: 
Microbiology is a growing interest in civil and ground engineering. A new branch of the microbial ground engineering or bio-geo-civil engineering has emerged recently to improve the ground conditions using the environment friendly techniques of bio-grout and bio-seal. In this seminar, an introduction to the innovative techniques and the laboratory-scale investigations developed at Tsinghua University will be presented. The study findings for bio-grouted loose sand columns to form sandstones and injected potato soup to reduce water leaks in sandy soils will also be presented. Furthermore, two pilot-projects currently being implemented in restoring Tsinghua old indoor stadium and Budala Palace will be discussed. The laboratory findings can be considered for application in the protection of Chinese ancient masomy buildings and relics, bio-grouted sandy soils against liquefaction and erosion as well as bio-clogged piping along river dykes. 

Speaker: Prof Cheng Xiaohui, Tsinghua University 

Medium of Instruction: English 

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Civil Division 
Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Materials Division 
Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
Hong Kong Concrete Institute 
Hong Kong Concrete Repair Association

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