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Site Visit to CEDD Central Reclamation Phase 3

Date, time & venue 
2009-12-12;9:30am - 12:00 noon;8 Man Yiu Street, Central





The project comprises the reclamation of about 18 hectares of the seabed in front of the Star Ferry Pier from Central Reclamation Phase I to Lung King Street.  Major Works include dredging and filling works, the construction of piers and Central Terminal Building, road works, the construction of seawalls, major culvert extensions, and Central-Wan Chai By-pass Tunnel work and extension of a railway overrun tunnel.  During the visit, visitors will be able to view site construction works including completed reclamation, piers and seawall works, culvert extensions, road works, diaphragm wall construction and excavation works.


Meeting Point: 09:15 at Man Yiu Street Pedestrian Footbridge opposite to the entrance of International Finance Centre Stage 2.


As required by the project, visitors must possess a safety green card or is a corporate member of the Institution.  Please provide this information during the application (ie corporate membership number or green card number).  These will also be checked and verified prior to entering the site.


You are also required to wear your own safety shoes; other safety gears including reflective vest and helmet will be available on site.  Those who do not have the safety shoes will be rejected from joining the visit.


The event is free of charge.  The number of participants is limited to 18 on a first-come first-served basis.  CPD certificate will be issued by HKIE after the visit.  For more details and registration of the technical visit, please contact Ir Eric Chan at Tel: 2268 3548 or via Email:




Civil Division

Technical Visit to Central Reclamation Phase 3 (CR III)


By Ir Vincent HA


A technical visit led by Ir Thomas Tam was carried out on 19 December 2009.

Ms Sandy Man started the presentation by delivering an important message of the Project which mission is ‘to bring the people to the Harbour and the Harbour to the people’.  In view of both complexity and sensitivity of the Project to the public, she pointed out the major objectives of the Project included the minimization of the reclamation area and environmental impact, meeting the land transportation need in the future, maintaining the continuous operation of the public facilities such as the existing marine transportation and the heliport on a 24-hour operation basis, and the protection of the live cross-harbour water mains and the sewage discharge pipes. Unlike the typical reclamation projects which usually only involved reclamation work, this Project also included the construction of an Eastern Seawall which was a special design having an energy absorbing panel and chamber to reduce the wave reflected back to the harbour.


Mr. Issac Lo then presented the construction arrangement of the Project.  To maintain the operation of the marine transportation, the drainage culverts and the cooling water main systems serving the government buildings and HSBC, the site was geographically divided into four different areas, namely initial reclamation area west, final reclamation area west, initial reclamation area east and final reclamation area east.  Commencing from 2002, the reclamation work of the Project was nearly completed, while the construction of the diaphragm wall for the CWB cut-and-cover tunnel was in progress. Of particular interest of the impressive progress photos were the seawall units which were precast in mainland China.  It was shipped to the harbour on a semi-submersible barge.  It was placed using GPS control.  The presentation ended upon a fruitful discussion in the question and answer session.


Immediately after the presentation, Ir Eric Tsang, Mr. Issac Lo, Ms Sandy Man and Mr. David Chan, guided the participants to visit the reclamation site.  Some important construction activities and structures such as the water mains and culvert construction, the operation of the machines for the construction of the diaphragm wall, the preparation of loading test for the prebored H-piles, the details of the interface between the constructed seawall blocks, etc. were visited.


This was in fact a repeated visit; the first visit was carried out on 12 Dec 2009 led by Ir Eric Chan, presented by Ir Eric Tsang, Simon Ng and Kelvin Mak. On behalf of CVD, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all mentioned above who had helped to make this event successful.


Photos attached

IMG_9853 – Site visit on 12 Dec 2009

P1040071 – Site visit on 19 Dec 2009

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