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Technical Seminar on Construction of the UK's First High Speed Line

Date, time & venue 
2010-08-30;6:30pm - 7:45pm;HKIE Headquarter Seminar Room


Programme Highlights


As the Hong Kong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou Express Rail Link project gets underway, the talk will give a reflection on the construction of the UK’s first high speed line – High Speed 1, the challenges and solutions for the Eurostar High Speed Rail Project as well as the UK work practice.





Alan Myers, Chief Civil Construction Engineer, MTR. 


Alan has worked in the civil engineering industry for 38 years as contractors, consultants and project managers.  He has been involved at a senior level on some of the UKs largest construction projects including the Channel Tunnel, Heathrow Express and High Speed 1 and three MTR lines in Hong Kong.


Alan is a past runner up in the Institution of Civil Engineers ' Manager of the Year' award, and in 2008 was inducted into the British Construction Industry ' Hall of Fame' for his outstanding contribution to the industry.



Registration & Enquiries


The seminar is free of charge and no prior registration is required.  For enquiries, please contact Ir Johnson Lee at Tel: 9053 6250 or Email:





By Ms. Ellen Wong


A technical seminar on UK’s High Speed 1 was organized by the Civil Division on 30 August 2010. Mr. Alan Myers, Chief Civil Construction Engineer, MTR, who was the Project Director in many of the UK construction projects, briefed our members on the first high speed rail project in the U.K.


To meet the challenges of building the first high speed railway in UK, High Speed 1 provides a lot of opportunities for innovative ideas during its construction. Ir. Alan Myers shared how these innovative methods were carried out to suit different construction environment while delivering the railway project.


On viaduct construction, Mr. Myers presented the push-launch technique used in his project. Prefabricated segments were used and push-launch method was adopted in the High Speed 1’s viaduct construction. The bridge segment was put at the launching bay, and then a large pushing jack was used to grip the skidding beam below. The launching was carried out a span at a time. Site safety was enhanced using this method as working at height could be avoided.


Mr. Myers continued to explain the tunneling environment encountered in the High Speed 1 Project. The presentation on tunneling was aided by several valuable site photos showing the cutting surface of the Tunnel Boiling Machine (TBM) used in the project. Mr. Myers explained how the TBM machine was moved out from the receiving shaft and what lateral support provision was provided in the receiving shaft.  The NEC contract forms were also used for the project, the preparation and administration aspects were discussed.


The seminar ended with an interactive Q&A session and all the participants gave a big round of applause to Mr. Alan Myers for his presentation.



Photographs of the event

Please refer the the album 20100830 Semiar on UK High Speed Line

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