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香港工程師廣西考察團 暨 第7屆中國-東盟博覽會及 第2屆中國-東盟工程項目合作與發展論壇

Date, time & venue 
2010-10-19;from 19 Oct to 23 Oct;廣西南寧


Jointly organized




Date, Time & Venue

2010年10月19-23日 廣西南寧


Programme Highlights




The 7th China – ASEAN Expo and Infrastructure Development Forum at Nanning Guangxi




By Ir Eric Chan                                                                                       Civil Division


The Civil Division joined the delegation organised by the Association of Engineering Professionals in Society (AES) to attend the 7th China-ASEAN Expo & the Regional Infrastructure Development Forum at Nanning, Guangxi (中國---東盟工程項目合作與發展論壇) on 19-23 Oct 2010.   Ir Dr the Hon Raymond Ho led the team and gave an introductory speech at the opening of the Forum.  Several papers on sustainability were presented, in which, Ir Dr Wai Kok Lo talked about Opportunities, visions and challenge on economics cycle and district cooperation; Ir CF Lam talked about solid waste disposal in HK; Ir

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