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2010年GHMT兩岸四地工程師 (廈門)論壇

Date, time & venue 
2010-11-19;2 days from 19 Nov to 20 Nov;廈門市科協報告廳




2010年GHMT兩岸四地工程師 (廈門)論壇





香港工程師學會 (土木分部)、廣東省科學技術協會、廣東省土木建築學會、廣州工程師協會、澳門工程師學會、福建省土木建築學會、福建省建築業協會、廈門市土木建築學會及中華土木技師公會全聯會 (台灣)




2010年11月19日﹝星期五﹞ 09:00 - 18:00

11月20日﹝星期六﹞ 9:00 - 12:00

廈門市科協報告廳 (暫定)









By Ir C.F. LAM, Ir K.P. YIM

Civil Division



The GHMT 8th Two Coast-Four Places Engineers Forum was held on 19 and 20 November 2010 at Xiamen. This forum provided a platform of technical exchange for the administrators and experts of Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. “Green Construction, Ecological City” was adopted as the theme of this forum.  Civil Division was one of the co-organizers and led a delegation to attend the forum.


At the opening ceremony, the Deputy Mayor of Xiamen City presented an overview of the city planning.  Strong focus would be put on the harmony of city development and natural environment.  Ir C.F. Lam, Chairman of Environmental Division was invited to deliver a keynote speech on solid waste management in Hong Kong.  Other keynote speakers covered a variety of topics including green construction, silent piling, environmentally-friendly bituminous concrete road surfacing, and energy saving strategy and technologies.


Over ten technical papers were presented in the afternoon session. Amongst the papers, Ir K.P. Yim, Chairman of Civil Division shared his experience on landfill restoration and aftercare. Other speakers presented their wisdom on low carbon city planning strategy, algal treatment of wastewater, carbon reducing architecture and vehicle emissions purification road surfacing material.


In addition to technical presentations, a tour was arranged to the Xiamen Planning Exhibition Hall.  The Hall acts like a time tunnel showcasing the changes and development of Xiamen over the past decades.  There were displays highlighting the architecture, tourism, transportation and city construction.  At the 360 degree Circamara, we experienced the wonderful vision of the future Xiamen by using scientific and technological means.  Moreover, magnificent models were displayed to illustrate the envisaged future development of the city such as new high-speed rail station, shell-like concert hall, aesthetically pleasing exhibition centre, …  We also have had an enjoyable city tour in gaining a greater insight into the development in various districts, infrastructures such as the Cheung On Tunnel, wetland park and Gulangyu (鼓浪嶼). It was a valuable opportunity to have a first-hand feel of the visionary planning and development of Xiamen City which serves as a good reference to Hong Kong.


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