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Technical Visit to North Point Reclamation Contract of the Central – Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link Project

Date, time & venue 
2010-12-11;9:30 AM-12:00 Noon;Assembly at Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link Community Liaison Centre, Oil Street, North Point


Programme Highlighs

The North Point Reclamation Contract comprises of 3.3 hectares land reclamation used for the future Central - Wan Chai Bypass project. The scope of work mainly includes the construction of an approx. 700m long permanent vertical seawall and the reclamation behind. The major construction activities in the North Point Reclamation site include dredging, seawall foundation construction, blockwork and caisson seawall installation and the associated earthwork behind it.


In the visit, it will begin with a presentation on the project details and the method of seawall construction, particularly the installation of the 1,600t precast caisson seawall unit. A guided visit of the site activities will follow.


Registration & Enquiries

This visit is free of charge and the number of participants is limited to 30. Priority will be given to Civil Division members. Online registration is required at before 1 December 2010. For enquiries, please contact Ir C. S. Lam at Tel: 91527659. Successful applicants will be confirmed on or before 6 December 2010. Attendance certificate will be available.


Safety Equipment

All successful participants MUST bring their own safety boots, helmet and reflective vest.



By Ir LAM Chi-sing


Traffic congestion is one of the major concerns in Hong Kong especially in the heart of Central. In order to deal with the problem efficiently, a well planned traffic scheme is necessary.  The Central–Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link (CWB) project is one of the examples.  The CWB project is a large civil engineering project in Hong Kong which consists of bridges, tunnels, reclamation, and modification of road/bridge.   CWB project has sub-divided into smaller works contracts to ease the construction during different stages and North Point Reclamation contract is one of the examples.  The Civil Division organized a technical visit on 11 December 2010 to the North Point Reclamation Contract (NPR). 


To facilitate the construction of part of the future Central–Wan Chai Bypass tunnel and Island Eastern Corridor Link, the North Point Reclamation Contract comprises of 3.3 hectares land reclamation used for future CWB project.  The scope of works mainly includes construction of permanent caisson seawall, construction of temporary open channel, modification of drainage system, and reclamation.  The purpose of the seawall is to act as a soil retaining structure for reclamation.  Two types of seawall are designed to suit the constraint needed for this project.  The first type is the precast caisson seawall and the second type is the precast concrete block which is used to construct open channel outfalls and landing steps.  All the precast caisson seawall and concrete blocks were manufactured at Guangzhou Panyu cast yard.  Each precast caisson seawall is a single structure which weights over thousand tones.  A special semi submerge barge was used for the delivery of the precast caisson seawall to Hong Kong and floating out for installation.  Buoyant tanks were fixed on the precast caisson seawall unit for the floating out and being towed to its final position for installation.  The precast caisson seawall will be rested on a finished rock mound foundation.


After the brief, our members took a boat to visit the precast caisson seawall and reclamation works, a representative also briefed us the technique of precast caisson seawall and precast concrete block installation, and open channel construction.  Finally on behalf of the Civil Division and participants, we thank Highways Department and AECOM Asia Co. Ltd. for their hospitality in delivery the talk and escorted us for the site visit, and let our members had broaden horizon view for construction methods.





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