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Civil Cup Soccer competition

Date, time & venue 
2011-01-23;2:00pm - 5:00pm;Wu Kai Sha Youth Camp

Date, time & venue

Soccer Match

2011-01-23; 12:00nn - 5:30pm (Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village)

Basketball Match

2011-01-30; 1:00pm - 4:30pm; IVE (Tsing Yi)



Joint Institution Civil Cup 2011

Jointly organised by

- CV Division




- CEng Society, IVE(TY)

- CEng Society, Chu Hai College



Programme Highlights


Sunshine and sweat always recall our green memory on soccer field and basketball court.  It's about time to present our annual sports event - CIVIL CUP!


Jointly organised by civil engineering student organisations from the local tertiary institutions, the event comprises of 7 a-side soccer competition and basketball matches on two separate days above.  The Civil Division team will match with the institutions - enjoy the sea breeze in Wu Kwai Sha, have chance to chat with the undergraduates in a relax environment or win a trophy!



Report (by Mr. Felix MAK)


With the help of local student organisations in every preparation of this event, the Civil Cup was held successfully with over 150 participants and supporters on both days.


The event commenced with the opening address by HKIE Civil Division Chairman Ir KP Yim in Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village Football Field, followed by the Kick-off Ceremony which demarcated the upcoming excitement of the matches.  Through a number of sub-group matching, IVE(TY) and HKU raised to compete for the 2ndrunner up while HKUST and HKIE CVD Team competed for the championship.  After 25 minutes of hard-fight, the two teams were not able to take advantage over the opponents.  The matches finally ended with 3 chances of penalty kicks which held every audience’s breath, and HKUST won the championship.


The first basketball match between HKUST and HKIE CVD Team, embarked the basketball event in IVE(TY).  The atmosphere was no less exciting than the soccer matches and the players strained every nerve to fight for championship.  The final match was HKU vs HKUST.  Teams showed high morale to win but no one was able to guess whom the championship would go to - until a score by HKU player at the very last moment that drew the difference.



The match results


(presented by Ir S.S. Kong)


(presented by Ir C.S. Lam)





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