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CVD Dragaon Boat Team Training & Practice

Date, time & venue 
2011-04-03;2:30pm - 4:30pm;Sai Kung (Pak Sa Wan)




Promote and increase the public exposure of HKIE CVD

Promote healthy lifestyles to HKIE - CVD members.

Promote team-building spirit amongst civil engineers.

Allow opportunities for civil engineers to participate in cultural experience.

Provide opportunities for civil engineers to interact with other institutions within our society.


Programme Highlight


The Dragon Boat Team Training & Practice exercise is sponsored by HKIE-CVD in promoting the interest of civil engineers in dragon boat competition/practice through a series of training sessions & several dragon boat open competition events in Hong Kong. Dragon boat paddling is a water game that will build up team spirit and improve individual health through regular practicing exercise.


This is the first time that Civil Division establish a dragon boat team. Through proper training, members will learn the skill & knowledge of the game and will be able to paddle and compete with other dragon boat teams of sister professional institutions from Hong Kong, PRC & other cities of the world.


Target group: CVD Members

No. of participants: approx. 28



Coaching Organisation


HK Freedom Dragon Boat Club / David Chan (Coach of the CEDD Dragon Boat Team 2007 ~ 2009)


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