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Brunel Lecture – Beyond Rhetoric

Date, time & venue 
2011-08-01;6:30-8:30pm;Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, HKPU


Jointly Organised


by HKIE Civil Division and the Institution of Civil Engineers 



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Climate change is the greatest global challenge of our age, and moving to a low carbon society is as large a driver for engineers today as industrialization was to our forefathers from the Victorian Age. What they did affected almost every aspect of daily life, and reducing carbon emissions could be considered a “new industrial revolution” and is set to have a similar impact on tomorrow’s world. 

Often criticized for being slower and less innovative than their predecessors of the 1800s, what can the engineers of today learn from Telford, Watt, Brunel and the like that can help us build a low carbon society? What parallels can we draw? What would have they done with the challenge of climate change? 

In this Brunel Lecture, the speaker will consider the inspirational leadership of engineers of the past, the context that was needed for change to occur and how knowledge was transferred and shared nationally and internationally.  The speaker will consider what steps the engineering profession needs to take to implement a low carbon society.




Mr Keith Clarke CBE, Chief Executive of Atkins and Chairman of the UKConstruction Industry Council. Keith has over 30 years’ experience in construction and engineering and is at the forefront of encouraging the built environment sector to embrace Carbon Critical Design in response to the urgent challenge of climate change.  He believes carbon must become a core decision making factor in the way we plan, design and procure capital projects. 



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