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HKIE Social Event – Cuttlefish Fishing Night

Date, time & venue 
2011-09-03;5:00pm to 10:00pm;Sai Kung district

HKIE Social Event – Cuttlefish Fishing Night

Saturday3 September 2011 from 5:00pm to 10:00pm,

along the Sai Kung district.


It’s summer time again! Do you like going for a boat trip? Have you ever tried cuttlefish fishing before? Do you want to spend a night out with people who are working in the same field?


Here comes an opportunity! HKIE Civil Division will organize a Cuttlefish Fishing Night on 3 September, 2011. On that day, you will be able to enjoy a nice seafood dinner plus sailing out to fish in Sai Kung. Chefs will be there to cook the Cuttlefish once you catch them from the sea. Participants will be split into groups to compete against each other. Of course, the winner will be awarded with great prizes. It will be a very good chance for you to make new friends and establish your social network there. It will also let you have a break from work. It sounds fun to join right? Do not wait any more to send us your application!


Registration fee for HKIE members is HK$100 and for non-members is HK$18



By Mr. Joseph Cheng


The HKIE Civil Division Social Event – Cuttlefish Fishing Night was successfully held on 3rd September, 2011 with great participation from members and generous support from the helpers. Kicking off the event, we had a delicious seafood meal at Sai Kung, where members were able to introduce themselves and got to know one another. We set off for the cuttlefish fishing after finishing the dinner. Members enjoyed the sunset backdrop; played various games; and really got to know each other as they chat with each other during the 2-hour fishing period. Members were divided into 4 groups to compete against each other for the honor for catching the most cuttlefish. Even though they are engaged in a competition, all of them enjoyed the calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Laughter was heard throughout the trip as members made jokes and shared their experiences. Ultimately, each group was only able to catch a few cuttlefish with Group 4 winning the honor, but participants enjoyed this remarkably experience and would definitely welcome similar type of events in the future.




Photos of event


Please visit photo album 20110903 Cuttlefish Fishing Night


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