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Technical seminar on “Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme – Planning and Design”

Date, time & venue 
2011-11-30;6:30pm–8:00pm;Hong Kong PolyU Rm BC305


Joint Organising

Jointly organized by Civil Division and Hong Kong PolyU


Programme Highlights

Drainage Services Department (DSD) has designed a Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (HVUSSS) to alleivate the flooding problem in Wanchai and Happy Valley districts.


Major components of HVUSSS comprise inlet structure, twin cell diversion box culvert, automatic movable overflow side weir system, underground storage tank and pump house. To reduce the volume of storage tank, automatic movable crest weirs with real-time water level monitoring at upstream and downstream have been designed as the overflow side weirs instead of tranditional fixed crest weirs.  To further enhance sustainability by saving energy consumption, shallow tank was designed to allow gravity drain for stored water via the automatic movable crest weirs to the box culvert after rainstorms.


This technical talk will present the background and challenges in planning this flood relief project and explain how the project team developed this innovative, sustainable and integrated engineering solution for the benefit of the society.

The programme will look at the technology changes, some of the resultant step-changes in knowledge and how these have been translated into practical application through actual case studies.

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