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[FULL] Technical Seminar: Smart Water Network in Hong Kong

Date, time & venue 
2018-01-24;18:30 – 20:00;Lecture Room Y305, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Programme Highlight

The Water Supplies Department (WSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region had faced the challenges of water mains bursts and leaks leading to loss of water from the water supply network in the past decades.  With the substantial completion of the 15-year programme of replacement and rehabilitation (R&R) of about 3,000 km of aged water mains at the end of 2015, the condition of the water supply network in Hong Kong has been significantly improved as reflected by the substantial reduction in the number of main bursts and leakage rate.  Nonetheless, the water mains in the water supply network will continue to age and deteriorate.  WSD has formulated an effective means to maintain the healthiness of the network.

Riding on the technological advancement of sensors, telemetry, network management software and data analysis in recent years, and making reference to overseas experiences, WSD will implement a Water Intelligent Network (WIN) in the fresh water supply network by adopting the state of art technologies.  WIN will enable continuous monitoring of the network in a holistic manner by utilizing advanced technologies on a District Metering Area (DMA) basis.  About 2,000 DMAs over the territory will be established and  incorporated into WIN.  Under WIN, the tremendous amount of data, such as the flow and pressure collected from the DMAs, will be processed and analyzed by an intelligent network management computer system.  Through the analysis, the health of the water mains in the DMAs can be continuously monitored, and effective network management measures can be determined and judiciously applied to individual DMAs according to the condition of their water mains therein.  Moreover, WIN will enable detection of probable unauthorized consumption of water in individual DMAs.

The technologies of Smart Water Network are evolving.  WSD will make use of the opportunity in the Anderson Road Quarry Development to try out more advanced smart water network initiatives.



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Mr. CHUNG Wai Fung           Senior Engineer/WSD

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