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[FULL] Technical Seminar: New Generation of Aerial and Terrestrial Surveying

Date, time & venue 
2018-01-31;18:30 – 20:00hrs;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F


Programme Highlight

In this presentation the speaker will introduce series of global leading spatial data acquisition

technologies for site information capturing and analysis. Such cutting-edge technology possesses aerial as well as terrestrial approaches for different circumstances. Overseas application examples will be illustrated, together with representative local instances to reveal the popularity and usefulness of the technology. The tools for implementing data acquisition work including UAV, large scale aerial camera and mobile mapping system (MMS) will be described. The principle of this new technology – oblique photogrammetry will be briefly introduced to provide general understanding to audiences.


The key of the technology is by using oblique photogrammetry for quickly and cost effectively gathering high resolution site data to facilitate effective risk management in infrastructure development work. Furthermore, by integrating to 3D GIS or BIM, it allows spatial analysis upon 3D digital model for optimal engineering design, identification of critical elements during preliminary study, enhancing safety factor in detail design stage and monitoring construction progress, consequently reducing uncertainty to the overall infrastructure works.


Audiences can learn the sophistication of such new spatial technology as well as how to apply in their engineering projects, and finally align their professionalism to engineers that are practicing similar nature of works in other parts of the world.



Free of Charge.



Mr. Eric Yau           Senior GIS Manager

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The number of participants is limited to 80 and priority will be given to members of Civil Division and previous registered participants. Please complete the on-line registration at Email registration will not be accepted. Only successful applicants will be informed by email.


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