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CVD Social Event – Café Lure

Date, time & venue 
2012-11-09;7:00pm – 10:00pm;The HK Federation of Youth Group Building, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong (map attached)


Joint organization

Jointly Organized by HKIE CV Division and ICE Hong Kong Branch


Programme Highlights

What wakes you up every morning? A noisy alarm, your lovely mother, or a tiny cup of espresso? The Civil Division will jointly organize a social event – Café Lure with ICE on 9 November 2012. The purpose of this event is providing a platform to member to learn more about coffee appreciation; to try to make their own coffee and to experience latte art. Participants can experience various dimensions of coffee; try different brewing methods for home-make coffee; and also experience the techniques of latte art. How can you miss this chance? Visit our web site for registration and create your signature coffee now.



The registration fee is HK$200/HKIE member or HK$300/non-HKIE member registration. We welcome both HKIE members and non-members, so you are most welcome to bring your family or friends along with you!


Registration & Enquiries

Please complete online registration by clicking the button "enrollment" at bottom right of this page. The registration deadline is 31st October, 2012. The maximum capacity for this event is 20 people, and it will be first come first served. HKIE members (not including their family or friends) will have a higher priority to join the event.


Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email later.


Please note that transportation will be arranged and the gathering points will be advised upon confirmation of application.


For enquiries, please contact Mr. Jacky Lee at 9344 5396 or Miss. Katherine Chen at 5488 5223.



By Mr. Jacky Lee


The HKIE Civil Division Social Event – Café Lure Workshop held on 9th November, 2012 was a success. It was a social event co-organized by the HKIE – CVD and Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), with more than 40 members from the 2 institutions participated. The co-organized event provided an enjoyable and relaxing gathering amongst the members of HKIE and ICE.


All the guests were enveloped in an atmosphere of joy and relaxation.  They experienced various types of coffee, which were carefully selected by a specialist, Stella.  The scent of the coffee and laughter from our members permeated through the ballroom. Members talked about the unique taste of different coffees and had the opportunity to even brew their own coffee.


The wonderful night ended with a luck draw. 10 members won various presents from the lucky draw. The Café Lure Workshop was highly appreciated by the guests, and they would certainly support the coming social events of the ICE.




Photo 1 - The HKIE CVD Social Events Subcommittee Chairman, Ir. Derrick Pang shared his working experience with the participants





Photo 2 – Group Photo



Photos of the Event

Please visit photo album 20121109 Café Lure Workshop

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