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[FULL] Technical Seminar: Smart Taxi system and National GPS Data

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2018-03-06;6:30pm to 8:00pm;Lecture Room PQ305, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Programme Highlight

Transportation system requires efficient management of demand and supply. The information on the pattern of demand for travel or logistics is of great importance for the short and long-term planning. It is also critical to manage the highway and public transport network efficiently and safely. In this talk the advancement of GPS technology which can be utilized to analyze demand pattern in transport system will be described. In particular the presentation will explain the latest deployment of the national GPS system in Thailand which involves collecting the GPS data from over 300,000 commercial vehicles in the whole country. The data can be used to analyze transport network performance (e.g. journey time) and travel/logistics demand pattern. In addition, the same data set can be utilized to monitor and manage road safety in the network. The other practical example case which will be presented is the application of smart taxi data. A case study of around 600 smart taxis currently operated in Bangkok will be discussed. The system provides the end-to-end communication of vehicle data and service status between vehicles and the centralized system. The data is then used to optimize the service matching between demand and supply of taxi trip. The presentation will also discuss potential application of the data for the safety analysis for city highway network.



Free of Charge.



Prof. Agachai SUMALEE          

Professor in Civil and Transportation Engineering - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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