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Technical Seminar on “Applications of Cathodic Protection to Water Mains Theory and Experience in Hong Kong”

Date, time & venue 
2013-06-27;6:00pm for 6:30pm - 8:00pm;HKIE HQs Rooms B1 and B2



Ir. Dr. Jinsong Wang, Ir. Gary Lee & Dr. Faye Qiao

Fyfe (Hong Kong) Limited


Programme Highlights

The first reported application of cathodic protection dated back more than one hundred years ago.  Since then and in particular after the second world war, the technique has been widely applied to underground utilities and pipeworks, which has been proven to be effective and economical. 


In Hong Kong, there are some 7,000km of pipe lines for the water industry alone.  These pipes were laid 30~40 years ago and are aging fast, frequently causing pipe bursting problems.  For the last few years, cathodic protection has been accepted as one method of rehabilitating the aging pipes with a view to prolong their service life and reduce pipe bursting. 


In this seminar, the basic principles of cathodic protection are introduced.  The selection of the systems, factors influencing the design and criteria for acceptance are discussed.  Finally, a local case study of its application in water mains rehabilitation is presented as to the design, installation and commissioning of the works.


CPD certificate will be distributed to attendees after the seminar.




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Number of delegates is limited to 60 participants. First come first served, and no prior registration is required.


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