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Seminar on The "I" in BIM

Date, time & venue 
2015-01-17;9:00am-12:00pm;Seminar Room, HQ

Programme Highlights

The importance of the "I", i.e. information, in BIM is widely recognized. Unfortunately, there are always confusions about the accuracy, credibility of the information as it can be either too general to represent or too detailed to handle. While some design team members may tend to provide less information including the useful cross-referencing information to avoid their commitment in accuracy and credibility, there are revolutionary changes in how information in BIM should be handled. The speaker's experience in BIM shows that the level of details of BIM should be in-line with the source of information. With various types of elements, there should be a different levels of accuracy which should be stored in BIM for user's reference. This could ease the worry about any deviation between the model and the reality.


Associate Director, New World Construction

Fellow Member of HKIE

Registered Structural Engineer

Founding Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling


Ir LEUNG has attained 25 years of experience in structural engineering. Since his graduation from The University of Hong Kong in 1988, he has been working in contractors and consultants in Hong Kong with projects in HK, China and various countries including Dubai. Ir LEUNG attained wide range of experience in both buildings and civil projects. He is a Registered Structural Engineer in HK since 1996. He has obtained Grade 1 Registered Structural Engineer in China since 2001. He is now Fellow Member of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

Since 2005, Francis has been putting a lot of effort in BIM. He is the Founding Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling which was established in 2009. He is also an expert in one of the most popular BIM software in the region, Autodesk Revit. Since 2009, WSP BIM team provides BIM Consultancy Service to developers including Hong Kong Housing Authority, Kerry Properties, Chinachem Group and GoldIn Properties. The role of BIM Consultant is to provide design coordination service, and in fact, manage the project for the project managers. Based on input from design consultants, comprehensive BIM models are built to centralize all design information generated from numerous channels. The models are studied such that professional advices can be provided in related to coordination, construction, time and cost issues. In June 2014, Ir Leung has joined New World Construction to use BIM for a companywide advancement of the construction management.


Registration & Enquiries

This seminar is free of charge and prior registration is not required. The number of participants is limited to 80 and the seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.  For enquiries, please contact Ir Laurel Leung at 9177 7629 or via Email:



The seminar will be conducted in English.


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