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Date, time & venue 
2015-04-24;6:00pm;HKIE HQ




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 36th Annual General Meeting of the Civil (CV) Division will be held on Friday, 24 April 2015 at 6:00pm at the Seminar Room, the HKIE Headquarters, 9/F Island Beverley, No 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, for the following purposes:


  1. To receive and confirm the Minutes of the 35th AGM.
  2. To receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Division for Session 2014/2015.
  3. To receive and adopt the Financial Statement of the Division for Session 2014/2015.
  4. To elect the Chairman and Ordinary Members of the Division Committee for Session 2015/2016.
  5. Any other business.


In case of adjournment of the AGM, members of the Division shall check on the Institution’s website at and the Division’s website at of the revised venue, time and date for the adjourned AGM.


Ir Ian CHUNG Siu Ping

Honorary Secretary

Civil Division

13 April 2015


Presentation on: Construction Challenges of the Central Wanchai Bypass and the Island Eastern Corridor Link project "

by Ir K.K. LAU JP, Director of Highways, Hong Kong SAR Government

will be held after the AGM.







Nominations for Division Chairman and Ordinary Members

Division Chairman

The outgoing Division Committee has decided to nominate Ir Victor LO King Yin for election as the Chairman for Session 2015/2016.

No nomination has been received from members by the deadline.


Ordinary Members

The outgoing Division Committee has decided to opt for the maximum of 15 Ordinary Members, and six Ordinary Members in the Committee shall retire by end of the Session, namely Ir Victor LO King Yin, IrKONG Shui Sun, Ir Ian CHUNG Siu Ping, Ir Derrick PANG Yat Bond, Ir Crystal HO Wing Ching and Ir Dr(**) Joseph CHI Wuh Jian.

The Division Committee has decided to nominate the following six(**) candidates for Ordinary Members for a three-year term: Ir KONG Shui Sun, Ir Ian CHUNG Siu Ping, Ir Francis CHOI Man Fai, Ir William LUK Wai Lam, Ir Simon NG Pak Hung and Ir Iman LAI Wai Man.

No nomination has been received from members by the deadline.


** - Correction of typo from previous printed version of 2nd Notice, issued by post to members of the Division





Chairman’s Message


 I wish to begin by thanking our committee members, helpers and supporters for their unreserved commitment to serve our members and the communities, despite their heavy work schedule. “Inspire the Young” is the HKIE theme for the session, it is a challenge not to teach or direct but inspire our younger generation or become a role model.




To face the challenge, we met some engineering students and young members to learn their views on infrastructure development and social considerations – how we can strike a balance for a sustainable development? We certainly need to take pride on our contributions in building Hong Kong.   Our annual dinner has selected the theme “Inspire the Young – The Pride of Civil Engineering”, a group of young and children dancers demonstrated how engineers serving our communities, a photo corridor captured the major infrastructure projects supporting our population and economic growth over the last 30 years.

Our Civil Division Seminar 2015 had also selected the theme “Inspire the Young – What a Civil Engineer must know”, this seminar had focused the basic design approach and engineering methodology for various infrastructure works, young engineers could appreciate the challenges and opportunities in their careers. With the support of our distinguished speakers, the seminar had attracted more than 400 attendees.

Our technical meetings and site visits have also aimed to provide a wider knowledge sharing and exposure to our members, whenever possible, we sought to provide talks on technical matters related to current issues that members would be interested to learn. In addition to the construction sites, visits to operating plants would further enrich our knowledge on the operation and maintenance aspects of our infrastructure works.  Our mainland visits have provided opportunities to learn about the infrastructure development in the Pearl River Delta region, a joint visit with WSD on the mega water supply work, remind us of saving water and the challenges facing urbanisation. Our Winter Camp for young engineers visited the major infrastructure projects in Shanghai and Hangzhou , taking the opportunities to visit the mainland engineering institutions in December.  Our social events have also reinforced the social network of the young engineers and our volunteer service programme showcased the railway and bridge developments to arouse the secondary school students.  You may find out more details of our activities from our AGM report at our civil web site,




Despite our donation to support for the purchase of HKIE premises, our financial position remain in a satisfactory position, I would like to take this moment to thank our sponsors and supporters, who have contributed to our events. Once again, my appreciation to the unfailing support of the civil committee.




Ir Stephen W K CHIK


Chairman, Session 2014/2015


Civil Division







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