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“We Build We Care” Photo Competition

Date, time & venue 

 HKIE Civil Division is inviting students from secondary schools, technical colleges or universities in Hong Kong to participate in the “We Build We Care” Photo Competition.

> No registration fee is needed.

> Price and Awards:

    First Place:                HKD 3,500 & Certificate
    Second Place:           HKD 2,500 & Certificate
    Third Place:               HKD 1,500 & Certificate
    Honorary Mentions:   HKD 1,000 & Certificate

> How to apply:

    Down and fill the following submission form:

    Send softcopy of the photo and the completed submission form to

> Entry period:

    12:00am 1st October /2016 to 11:59pm 15th November 2016


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> Details:

* Please fill out this form completely